About me

Something about me

My nam076a4654e is Michal Tomko and I am 36.

Me as mountain leader

I am an UIMLA mountain leader, tourist guide, ski instructor and Österreichischer Alpenverein certified via ferrata Instructor. 

I grow up and I am still living in High Tatras (Slovakia), the smallest high mountians in the world. Mountains and nature influenced my life, since I was a little boy. Everywhere I travel, mountains determine my direction. I hiked in Scottish Highlands, Alps(Italian, French and Austrian), Julian Alps(Slovenia) and another mountains.

I obtained my mountain leader certificate in 2019 and since then I led people of various nationalities in Slovakia and abroad.


Me as photographer

My big hobby is photography and when I am not in mountains For my love to photography, there is not place too far and I am willing to travel across Slovakia to get the right one. As I love taking pictures, if I didn’t photograph anything, no problem. I like accepting new challanges.


You can find following organisations between my clients:

B & B Villa Gerlach

B & B Privat Ada

Sport Club 1896 Štrbské Pleso

Sport club Štrba

The Noise Arena

Združenie cestovného ruchu Vysoké Tatry (The Association of tourist trade in High Tatras)

and the list grows constantly…

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